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21 March 2006 @ 06:13 pm
Anyone need this??  
Ok I posted this on the county freecycle but no one wanted it. I really HATE to throw all of this stuff away. I wish Julianna would eat it but she won't. her 15 month old palette is to sophisticated I gues. haha. So if any of you ladies want this, please let me know. And if more than one does, you guys can figure something out. ;o)

These are all opened containers. My daughter either quit eating these
or did not like them.

- 2 Boxes of Infant Cereal (Rice and Barley)
- Box of Little Flakes for Toddlers Apple Cherry flavor
- Small box of Zwiebeck Biscuits (one package in the box is unopened.)
- Canister of Carrot Wagon Wheels